Landscape of a snowy field in Halikko for Stellarium

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This landscape shows a snowy field in Halikko, Salo, Finland. At a distance in the southeast direction are two landmarks of Halikko, a water tower inspired by castles and a medieval stone church. The local amateur astronomical society of Salo, UrSalo, has a telescope on top of the water tower and organizes public events there. The river of Halikko runs in the valley along the west side of the landscape.

The landscape was photographed in March 16th 2013 at around 13:40 p.m. local time and it is made of 69 separate photos. The photos were taken using Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ9 on a tripod. The camera was on manual exposure setting and exposure bracketing was used for higher dynamic range.

The panorama was composed using open source software. First each set of three identical photos taken with exposure bracketing were combined for higher dynamic range using Enfuse from Panotools. Then the resulting images were stitched together using Hugin panorama photo stitcher. The resulting panorama of 13036x6518 pixels was then postprocessed using GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) to remove the sky and to fix artifacts caused by faulty camera equipment. The shadow of the tripod was also removed using GIMP cloning and healing tools. The very bottom of the panorama was filled in with copied content. Finally, the panorama was downsized to 4096x2048 pixels for use in Stellarium.


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Using a recent version of Stellarium, just open "Sky and viewing options" by pressing F4 or using the on-screen menu, then switch to "Landscape" tab, click "Add/remove landscapes", then click "Install a new landscape from a ZIP archive" and finally select the archive containing the landscape.

To use the landscape with older versions of Stellarium, you may have to manually extract the landscape archive into a correct directory. Please refer to Stellarium documentation for details.

To switch to one of the installed landscapes, just double click its name in the "Landscape" tab. Check "Use associated planet and position" in Options section first if you want to see how the sky looks from the actual location of the landscape.


This landscape was photographed and composed by Johannes Lehtinen.

If you have any feedback or would like to propose potentially interesting photography or astronomy hobby projects, feel free to contact me by e-mail at


Landscape of a snowy field in Halikko for Stellarium
Copyright 2013 Johannes Lehtinen

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