Portlet Prototyping Portal

Portal that can be used for rapid portlet prototyping together with the Portlet Prototyping Maven Plugin.

This plugin is part of the Portlet Tools for Maven project. It is a slightly modified version of the Apache Pluto portal and it has been implemented as a WAR overlay on Apache Pluto portal package pluto-portal version 2.1.0-M3.

The main difference to the original portal is that the displayed custom portlets and their context can be configured at runtime using system properties.


This package is intended to be used together with the Portlet Prototyping Maven Plugin that automatically downloads and confgures the package properly.

However, if you wish to use the package directly, the following system properties control portlet deployment.

  • portletContextPath specify the context path (starting with a slash '/') for the portlet containing web application
  • portletNames specify the names of the portlets to be displayed as a comma-separated string

Additionally, you have to include the standard Pluto portal dependency libraries into the shared class path. Check the Pluto deploy documentation for details.


For feedback, check the Portlet Tools for Maven project.