The current implementation has some known bugs and limitations.

Known Bugs

The following bugs are known.

  • Portlet container is not restarted when web.xml or portlet.xml descriptors are modified.

Known Limitations

The following limitations are known.

  • Requires at least Java 6, does not work with Java 5 (not sure why but the portal does not start up properly)
  • Portlets using portal user information can not be currently prototyped with this plugin. A plan is to make it possible to associate a portal user with the prototyping session and to configure user attributes so that user-related portlets can be prototyped.
  • Portlets using portal implementation specific libraries and functionality can not be prototyped with this plugin. This is a fundamental limitation. However, in some special cases you might be able to work around this limitation by including additional portal implementation libraries in the shared class path.