Portlet Tools for Maven

Tools for developing Java portlets in Maven based projects. This project contains submodules that are intended to be used for rapid portlet development in Maven based portlet development projects.

To get started, see the Portlet Prototyping Maven Plugin.


The following main features are provided.

  • Run the portlet or portlets being developed directly from a Maven source project
  • Supports Portlet 1.0 (JSR-168) and Portlet 2.0 (JSR-286)
  • Edit JSP and other source files on-the-fly without time-consuming repeated portlet deployments

However, there are also some limitations.


The following known requirements need to be satisfied.

  • Java Development Kit version 6 or later (developed with version 1.6.0)
  • Maven version 2 or later (developed with version 2.2.1)

Related Software

This project uses the Jetty servlet container and the Apache Pluto portlet container as basis for a light weight portlet prototyping environment.

For more information on Jetty and Apache Pluto, see:

The idea was based on the maven-jetty-pluto-embedded plugin.


If you think that the tools are missing a feature or have a defect, you can send feedback to the plugin developer at johannes.lehtinen@iki.fi. Please, check the known limitations before reporting a problem or a missing feature. Try to describe in your problem report how to reproduce the problem. Attached sample projects are the best way to track down problems and patches are of course welcome.

Mailing lists and an an issue tracker will be made available if there is demand for them.

The source code is available from the source repository.